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      electricguitarpart@sbcglobal.net You can also contact me through ebay if you have purchased an item from me.Go into your purchase history & choose "Contact Seller" from the drop down menu.
      There is sometimes a system problem with receiving emails from your mobile device.Especially when using ebay`s "Contact Seller" link.To make sure a message is received by us always send important messages from your computer.This will help to eliminate any communication issues after a sale.


      We are not allowed to make special requests for delivery.That is entirely between you & your postal office.You will have to contact them about any delivery arrangements & requests.
      Please note that we are not the makers of the items that we sell.We are the dealers for the various companies that manufacture the items.Sometimes they make mistakes and the size of the item may differ from what we have listed as the official specs/size/measurements.With that said we can always exchange the item or issue a refund when the item is returned or you provide a proof of shipment which will allow us to send the refund or exchange before the item is recieved by us.We will reimburse you for the return shipping cost.With that said we always inspect any item or items prior to shipping any package to make sure all of the parts are included & as stated in the listings.We also test pickups with an Ohm meter to check functionality prior to shipping.

      We have the part numbers,measurements and/or other information posted on the listings.If you have more detailed parts questions for Fender,Jackson or Gretsch parts compatibility,you can call Fender at 1-800-488-1818.You can also visit online guitar forums to answer your questions.For example:http://www.fenderforum.com/