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      electricguitarpart@sbcglobal.net You can also contact me through ebay if you have purchased an item from me.Go into your purchase history & choose "Contact Seller" from the drop down menu.
      Yes.We have distributors located in the UK.If you would like more information on this shipping option contact us. electricguitarpart@sbcglobal.net
      Due to postal regulations we cannot issue prepaid,return international shipping labels.If the item you want to return is a defective item we will reimburse you for the return shipping costs,& issue a full refund after the item is recieved by us.If you have decided to return an item because you have changed your mind,the buyer pays for the return shipping.If you would like to do an exchange contact us & we will try work that out depending the situation.If you are located in Europe we have a UK distributor that can handle returns and/or exchanges.

      If you were a losing bidder on an auction & If the Second Chance offer came from electricguitarparts then you can be certain it was from us.We send SCO`s often.Make sure your Ebay settings allow sellers to send you SCO`s since you can often get a great deal on your losing bid.
      We have the part numbers,measurements and/or other information posted on the listings.If you have more detailed parts questions for Fender,Jackson or Gretsch parts compatibility,you can call Fender at 1-800-488-1818.You can also visit online guitar forums to answer your questions.For example:http://www.fenderforum.com/