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      electricguitarpart@sbcglobal.net You can also contact me through ebay if you have purchased an item from me.Go into your purchase history & choose "Contact Seller" from the drop down menu.
      We visually inspect each item to make sure all
of the parts are included before shipping.The manufacturing
process,which we do not have any control over,is not always
perfect.It would be physically impossible remove each item
from its new packaging to install & test before shipping
because it would slow down shipping times to a crawl &
the item could no longer be listed as Unopened/Brand New.The only exception to this rule are Pickups which are easily opened & checked with an Ohm meter.For that reason we offer a 14 day return policy.Contact: electricguitarpart@sbcglobal.net
to arrange your exchange or return.You can also use the automated return process on ebay.