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      electricguitarpart@sbcglobal.net You can also contact me through ebay if you have purchased an item from me.Go into your purchase history & choose "Contact Seller" from the drop down menu.
      We have the part numbers,measurements and/or other information posted on the listings.If you have more detailed parts questions for Fender,Jackson or Gretsch parts compatibility,you can call Fender at 1-800-488-1818.You can also visit online guitar forums to answer your questions.For example:http://www.fenderforum.com/
      We accept Postal Money orders (USA only) & all major credit cards (Visa,Mastercard,Discover & American Express) through PayPal.Payment for your Ebay items are due within 7 days of the auction end.If for some reason after 7 days has past & payment hasnt been received we will have to file a non paying bidder complaint through ebay to recoup our fee`s for the listing.This will allow an extra 4 days to make payment.If paying by postal money order remember to sign the Money Order in the signature location and also include your address if a space for it exists.Include the printout of the ebay invoice or write down the item number on a separate piece of paper.Make M.O. payable to:

Tony Contreras
44830 Potestas Drive

      If you purchased the wrong item by mistake and the correct item that you meant to buy is listed by me on Ebay you can return the item for an exchange.If the item you originally wanted costs more than the item you purchased,I can send a paypal invoice for any additional costs.If the item isnt listed on ebay then you can return for a refund.Enclose a note explaining the reason for the return/exchange & the original ebay invoice/purchase reciept & send to:

Ultimate Music Direct
44830 Potestas Drive
We will process your return/exchange & notify you within 24 hours.We do not reimburse for return shipping costs if the purchase was made in error.