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TicketWeb is the leading provider of Internet-based box-office ticketing software and services.
"We’re very happy we chose Hosted Support.  Our system was implemented and we were trained in just a few days.  The whole process was surprisingly smooth, and we were able to have our support system up, serving our customers and generating results in less than one week."
President, NetMagazines.com

How can you earn $$ while supporting your customers?
Here’s how it works:  You can use ezSupport for free by displaying a column of ads on the right side of your help desk.  Plus!  Hosted Support will pay you 50% of the revenue from your help desk ads, so you can actually earn $$ while supporting your customers.  The more customers use your help desk, the more $$ you earn.

Now that’s a revolutionary concept!

All you have to do is join Hosted Support's Ads Revenue Sharing Program.

How do you join the Ads Revenue Sharing Program?
It's simple.  Just display ads on your ezSupport help desk and submit your PayPal account email address to receive payments.  Click the link at right to learn more.

How do the ads work?
Ads are supplied by Google and will only display on the right side of your help desk.  Google ads will not display in any messages sent by you or the ezSupport system.  The ads column does not interfere with any help desk functionality, and all ezSupport modules can be used in conjunction with the ads display.

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Example Help Desk

More about ezSupport ezSupport is a web-based suite of customer support software tools that lets you earn $$ by displaying ads on your help desk.
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More about ezSupport for eBay ezSupport for eBay has all the same great features as ezSupport, plus it's eBay-integrated, so eBay sellers can support their customers both on and off of eBay.
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